Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer summer summer time!

May is now over and June has begun! And with June comes some extremely hot weather...of course, living in South Carolina, even May is plenty hot! So how do we deal with the heat? Slip 'n' Slide! It's just too bad I'm not quite sure what to do with one...but I still really enjoy playing in the water!

We got Puddin' a play mat to keep him entertained...who'd have thought that he ends up with more accessories than me?? Well, I have more toys. But he has big things so he takes up more room!

One of his favorite parts of the mat is the mirror. He loves to talk to the other baby!

We see the chiropractor every few weeks, and I know the routine! We go in and I hop up on the seat, get my adjustment, then let Mommy have a turn. Last time, Stinky Dog got an adjustment as well! But now that we're exercising, we don't have to go as often :)

Carter loooves to scoot! He can shove himself around pretty well. He made his way off the play mat and even brought a toy with him :)

Mommy always laughs when I fall asleep in funny places or positions. And I often do just that!

Carter sure does make some funny faces! He's started sucking on his lip and it makes me laugh!

We're wondering if Carter's going to have a Stinky Dog like I do! I was about 5 or 6 months old when I formed my attachment, so Carter's still got a little while. He really likes this blankie! We give it to him to keep him from pulling his pacifier out of his mouth - his little hands just always have to be busy so it keeps them away from the pacifier...for now, anyway.

We've started going to the YMCA a few times a week. Carter and I go to the day care and Mommy and Daddy go to exercise. But, once a week, I get to go exercise too! They have a kids yoga class that I really enjoy. We run around and do yoga poses in between!

I can reach tall...

And even balance like a tree!

Slither and hiss like a snake...

Carter loves to sit in his Bumbo seat. He feels like a real person and loves to look around while he's sitting in it!

For his four month birthday, he wore the same outfit I wore on mine!

We had a big rain storm last week, so while Carter was sleeping, Mommy and I went outside and played in the rain! It was so much fun splashing in puddles and dancing around :)

And again with the funny sleeping...I was doing my new robot puzzle and it was just so draining that I fell asleep at the table in mid-puzzle!

And here's some more yoga...I loved doing the Superman pose and practice it a lot at home :)

Carter is getting to be so big now! He can roll from his tummy to his back and tries soooo hard to roll from his back to his tummy. He's almost got it, his arm just keeps getting in the way!

I crawled under the coffee table in the living room and fell asleep because I'm silly like that :)

In super exciting news, I started t-ball this past week! I'm not quite a natural, but I've got potential :) We had our first practice and it wasn't nearly as chaotic as Mommy thought it would be. We talked about the various bases and practiced running from them, then did some hitting and catching and some more running!

I love hitting the ball but wasn't quite sure what to do after.

Puddin' and I got matching pajamas! We were so excited to find them. Usually you can't find matching clothes in my size and Carter's size (they make one kind in 0-12 month, then another in 12 month up to 5 T so we have to wait til Carter's a bit bigger for most of them!) But we found some matching jammas and I got to pick which ones I liked best and I picked the pirate ones :)

Puddin' is taking after me in falling asleep in funny places!

Mommy got a new camera for her birthday and has been taking loads and loads of pictures with it! Here's her very first shot. I'm so cute, huh?

And Puddin's not too bad either!

Now that Carter is 4 months old, we decided to see what he'd think of food! He had some sweet potatoes and really enjoyed them!

I got to help too. I did choo choo and dinosaur.

Stay tuned for more summertime pictures as the weather continues to heat up!

Much love xxx