Wednesday, May 19, 2010

At long last...

So after making my last post and just NOT being able to get it to look right, I gave up for a while. Or more correctly, Mommy gave up! But I finally got her motivated enough to update our new blog and share some pictures of me and Puddin'!

Since we're in South Carolina, it gets to be summer time pretty early in the year. So we've been getting out and enjoying the sunshine since about February or March! Carter really enjoys being outside. He just lays on the blanket with Mommy while I play with my friends!

We did a lot of Easter celebrating, mostly because of Carter's hat.

I'm still super cute too, or course. All the sunshine has made my freckles pop super early this year!

For anyone who hasn't heard yet, I'm potty trained! The day we ran out of diapers and Mommy didn't have to buy more was quite possibly one of the best days of her life :) Of course, when you gotta go, you gotta go. And when I'm outside, I often wait until the very last minute, then find the first available place to pee! Mommy discourages it for the most part, especially when I ask to be let into the back yard to pee rather than using the toilet, but it sure does come in handy when there is no bathroom around!

I want to be just like Daddy, so on weekends, he lets me have a tiny coffee. He adds a little splash of coffee to a cup of water and I feel so grown up drinking it! And if Mommy and Daddy don't pay attention, I pull my chair up to the counter and pour myself a fresh cup. I once even tried to make more coffee, but was caught as I was reaching for the coffee grounds! Good thing, since I didn't quite know what to do with them. But they don't need to know that :)

We went to an Easter egg hunt at Sesquicentennial State Park, and this was the first year I was big enough to do the actual hunt! Steven got these sweet masks as a prize and shared with me and Emma!

My friends and I dyed Easter eggs at the park. I have the process down pat and helped show Logan and Bryce what to do. We made some beautiful eggs!

Sometimes I act really silly, especially when I hang out with my friends! We all climbed into the rabbit cage at Kailen's house and shut ourselves in there!

Carter is such a silly boy and gets fascinated by such simple things! We put him in the jumperoo and he went cross eyed, there was so much to look at!

The Easter Bunny came to our house. It's probably the cutest Easter Bunny ever! He brought me some really good stuff - some books, some stamps, some art stuff, and Carter got some candy. Mommy, Daddy, and I helped him eat it. He's just a baby so he can't have candy yet.

I really liked all the books I got, and decided Carter needed to be read to. I had Mommy prop him up next to me and read to him. I think he really enjoyed it.

I do my best to keep my baby brother happy. When he fusses, I get his Nuk for him and put it back into his mouth. But sometimes, that just isn't enough. So I find other ways to make him feel better! I've tried to pick him up and bring him to Mommy or Daddy, but they don't like it when I do that, so I've had to get creative. Hot Wheels stickers help!

As usual, we've been spending a fair amount of time at the lake! The water is still a tiny bit chilly, but I don't mind.

Puddin' got to go swimming for the first time! He wasn't too impressed. But then again, I wasn't amused my first time swimming either.

I got a sweet new Cars bathing suit, but it's a little too big. The one time Mommy put my sunscreen on after my bathing suit resulted in a nice stripe of sunburn on my plumber's crack!

We had some pictures done of Puddin' and they came out super cute!

PS - Go CU!

This is the dinosaur I picked out for him the day we found out I was going to be a big brother!

Mommy and her friends decided to do their hair, and Anakin and I decided to do ours as well! Alas, we don't have enough hair to do much but we still felt pretty!

Carter lost his Nuk and went rooting around for the closest thing he could find - he found my thumb! Now that's brotherly love...

Mommy and Daddy took me to go fly kites! I picked out a Spiderman kite, and we went to some soccer fields close to our house.

I was really worried my kite would fly away, so I cried every time it got too high.

So we decided to put the kite away and play some soccer instead! I'm pretty good at kicking the ball!

One thing that makes Mommy SUPER happy is that since Carter's been born, I've started napping again. I'll sometimes fall asleep in really funny under the end table! I was hiding and playing with Carter's toy and just fell asleep.

Mommy was trying to get a good picture of Puddin' smiling, and got one of him sticking his tongue out - Daddy said it reminded him of that Einstein picture! Sure enough, the resemblance is uncanny :) We have high expectations of our little boy!

We went to see Disney on Ice with Kailen! It was soooo fun! They did a bunch of mini versions of various movies. The best part was intermission, when we got sno cones in fancy cups! Mine was Nemo, and hers was princesses :)

No summer would be complete without some berry picking! I am SO good at picking strawberries. I was so focused I didn't even eat any until Mommy snuck one!

Puddin' liked relaxing in the sunshine!

He wasn't too impressed with the actual berries though. But he can't eat them, so I didn't expect him to be.

We found a nice little portable swing for Carter. He likes to sleep in the swing while we all have fun! It's also got a little bar on it so we drape a little blanket over it so he's in the shade while we get our sun.

Emma's one of my favorite people to go to the beach with!

Emma, Steven, and I went to go paint some flower pots. They looked beautiful at the end! I even painted the inside of mine.

After painting our pots, we got to see all the baby animals. I was a little wary of most of them, but finally agreed to hold a baby rabbit. They were so precious and little!

I didn't want to feed the goats either, but then there were baby goats, and I decided it wouldn't be too bad. Sure enough, it wasn't! I followed all the goats around feeding them while my friends looked at all the other animals.

Daddy started a new job up in Charlotte, so he leaves Sunday night and comes home Friday night. He's really enjoying it so far, though! So he wouldn't forget about us, we went to have our pictures done for Daddy to take with him. I squirted soap into my eye that morning, so I was a little squinty in most of the pictures! But we did manage to get a few good ones.

As you probably know, Mommy loves to scrapbook. I love to watch her and try to mess with her stuff, so when it was National Scrapbook Day, she printed out a bunch of the pictures I've taken and let me scrap them. I had a lot of fun and made a very beautiful page!

Poor Carter had thrush several times. We tried the Nystatin the doctor prescribed, but it just didn't seem to get rid of it completely. Finally, the third time, we tried gentian violet. Sure enough, that did the trick and we haven't seen anything since! However, it did leave his poor little mouth purple and stained everything it came in touch with. Everyone we saw said, "aaah, Carter has thrush?" At least he looks good in purple!

He still does big baby stretches where he straightens his whole body out! He's got such cute chunky little legs. I didn't have the wonderful leg rolls that Carter has :)

We joined the YMCA so we could all start getting some exercise! Mommy's been taking advantage of the classes and gym equipment, and we even went swimming! I'm mostly scared of the water, so I spent most of my time on the steps, happily splashing about. Then I also rode on Daddy's back for a while, which was fun too.

Mommy took Carter floating, which he really enjoyed! He spent half the time gurgling and smiling! Maybe he'll be a swimmer when he grows up!

We had to get a nice picture of Mommy and us since it was Mother's Day! I picked out some great stuff for her. She got a poster of Edward from Twilight, and a window shade for the car. I also picked out a superheroes poster for myself, as well as a Transformers puzzle! I felt I deserved them, since without me (and Carter) she wouldn't be a mommy!

A new wings restaurant was opening here, and they were doing a contest where the first 100 guests got free wings for a year! Some friends had decided to camp out overnight to get them, and we wished them luck. However, I wasn't going to bed that night, so they were able to convince Mommy to go with them! She asked me if I wanted to go camping, and I said that as long as I could bring my puzzle I would go. So we packed up my puzzle, loads of blankets, got me into my flannel jammies, and hopped into the car. Everyone was given a ticket and every few hours they did a roll call and we got a new sticker for our ticket. We turned my wagon into a bed for me, so once I fell asleep, they just wheeled me up to the queue to get our sticker!

I woke up bright and early the next morning, and immediately pulled out my puzzle. I'm really good at it - it's a 24 piece puzzle and I can do it all by myself!

By the time 10 am rolled around, we were ready to get our coupons and head home! Each ticket with all 6 stickers was awarded with a coupon book for 52 coupons for a free order of wings. And since they aren't dated and you can use one per person, we can even take Daddy with us and all eat for free!

Puddin' still smiles in his sleep a lot. We love it when he does that <3

Every now and again, Carter eats out of a bottle. I like to help feed him! I like to help burp him too. Sometimes Mommy and I take turns.

We just love it when Puddin' smiles! It lights up his whole face and makes his little dimple pop! He gurgles and coos and giggles when he's in a good mood...which makes everyone around him go into a good mood!

But he has a serious side too :)

And remember what I said about falling asleep in funny places? Well, here ya go. I crawled under my trampoline for a purpose I chose not to share with Mommy or Daddy, and promptly fell asleep!

So until next time, dear fans, that is all for now. I hope to persuade my assistant not to take so long between updates in the future!

Much love!


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